Fantastic Flying Machines Competition

Our group of seven local schools are launching a new partnership with the Ogden trust to promote the teaching of science, especially physical processes, across our schools. We will be working together to develop our teaching skills and to raise the profile of science within our schools.
Our launch competition is the Fantastic Flying machines competition.
There are two competitions running at the same time. In one you are asked to design a paper aeroplane that will fly only using the power of your throw. The plane that flies the furthest will be the winner.
The other competition is to make a model of a flying machine using paper and card. The model can be of any machine that can fly. Photos of your design need to be taken and sent with a paragraph about how you made it to


Competition 1

Your paper aeroplane is to be made only of paper. When it is flown it will be thrown, no elastic
bands or motors can be used. When you bring it to school you will have 3 attempts to throw it as far
as you can. A member of school staff must check the distances are measured correctly. The winner
is the plane that goes the furthest. Please bring your plane into school on Monday 7th December to be tested.
Competition 2
You are asked to make a model of a flying machine out of paper and card. It does not have to be
able to fly, this is a design competition. It can be based on a real plane or can be imaginary. You will
need to take photos of your plane and write a paragraph about how you made it or why you chose
that design. The judges will be looking for the best design and the best explanation. You should ask
an adult to email your photos and writing in a word document to before Monday 14th December. Make sure you include your
name and school in the email.

The winners of both competitions will be announced on Thursday 17th December – the anniversary
of the first flight by the first ever aeroplane designed by the Wright brothers in 1903