Flying machine design competition winners announced

The winners of the Flying Machine design competition have been announced today – 17th December – the 117th anniversary of the first flight by the Wright brothers.

The judge was very impressed with the high standard and left comments for each entrant. The ingenuity and creativity of the designs was especially good.

42 children took part in all and there was a winner from each school. The winner received a science book as the prize. Here are the winners.

Ellie from Bentham made a Christmassy hot air balloon. The judge said,”A bright and Christmassy air balloon. Maybe a good design for Christmas parcel deliveries.”
Bradley from Water Street made this super plane. The judge said, “A well designed and well made plane. The sharp lines should allow it to go fast.”
Jack and Finn from Bradley made this rocket based on a Spacex rocket deign. The judge said,” It was a well designed and well-built rocket.  The boosters look very powerful.”
Sam from Sutton CP designed a helicopter with wheels that would be made from aluminium. The judge said, ” It was a fun flying machine. Well designed and constructed. Good notes included.”
Juliet from Kildwick made this model plane. The judge said, “A great design with flight plans decided. Was Amelia Earhart a distant relative?”

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